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Biopori dalam River Basin Plan Projects
Tuesday May 25th 2010, 1:14 pm
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River Basin Plan Projects

River Basin Plan is a Dutch nonprofit organization that has formulated an integrated approach to the problems found in Java’s river basins. Our program covers a range of activities such as education, water quality testing, waste management, and soil improvement. What sets us apart from other organizations and programs currently operating on Java is our focus on the upper catchment of river basins. By ensuring that no problem is ignored and focusing on the participation of local communities, our solutions have an outstanding chance of being sustainable and long-lasting.

Though our organization is young, its founders and driving forces behind it have more than three decades of experience in rural development and water resource management in Indonesia. On top of that, RBP believes in using the strength of local knowledge, skill, and know-how, and will therefore carry out all its projects through partnerships with local organizations.

Current projects